Trendi Guru was created in order for customers to buy from any image they see, from retailers they trust and from publishers that they already frequent.  



TG's ever-expanding catalogue gives you access to the world's leading retailers. Millions of items at the touch of your fingertips. 


Celebrity Photos 

We focus on celebrity photography and red carpet images to achieve the highest degree of accuracy. 


We have an extensive database of accessories from purses to sunglasses all waiting to purchased and enjoyed.

See it, Click it, Buy It!


Using best in class techniques of image processing, machine learning, NLP and computer vision, we scan content on publishers websites and monetize it using our TG plugin, by finding matching and similar items from a large database of clothing items.
These matching and similar items popup on mouseover or click on the original image, allowing readers to purchase products that appear in the image.

Essentially we create a new type of revenue for publishers.

We call this Quick Commerce. By integrating our solution into your website, we provide a new revenue stream by making your portal, or style, fashion or celebrity sections, a new destination for purchasing. 



How it Works


We make images of celebrity, fashion and style clickable.


By scanning a publisher's' images, using machine learning and computer vision, we add a layer of content to your images allowing your readers to purchase clothing from via your site!  

Create a new revenue stream and insight into your readers

As a simple to install solution we automatically do the work, so you can focus on what you do best - creating content your readers love!

Turn readers into consumers

Readers can now click on their favourite celebrity or article and purchase similar items!


Interested in learning more? Please get in touch. 


Trendi Guru


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